Monday, March 26, 2012

Grass Heads

When preparing a project to do with a toddler rule #1 is ALWAYS have a back up plan! lol!  I had planned to do Jello Spring Jigglers but the Jello didn't set in time!  

So, good thing i had project #2 ready!  Grass Heads!  I found this on Pinterest but the credit goes to a Disney website:
Very easy directions!  I just did it a little different!  Your toddler will love this and its just in time for spring!

9- or 12-ounce plastic see thru cup (we bought solo cups at walmart)
1 to 1 1/4 cups of potting soil (we bought a small bag at walmart)
1 tablespoon of grass seeds (we bought Bermuda Grass at Lowes)
Wiggly stickable eyes (found at walmart craft section)
Children's planting shovel (or spoon)
Children's watering can/ or cup ($99 at walmart in Easter section)
Household kitchen bowl
Red marker or sharpie pen

Fill the bowl with soil to make it easier for your child to scoop out the soil.
Have your child  put the stickable wiggly eyes on cup.  I drew the mouth, and put her name on the bottom of cup (teacher habit, lol!)
Take the bowl and fill it with soil and have your child scoop up the soil with her planters shovel/spoon and fill the cup half way with soil.
Then help your child put in the seeds.  I had her poke her finger in the soil to make a hole while I put in the seeds.
Have your child cover up the seeds with more soil.
Then use a watering can or cup to water the grass heads.
Place by the sunlight! 
Make sure to keep them watered and of course watch them grow!

Just a note:  Have your child wear clothes YOU don't mind them getting dirty, keep in mind they are playing with dirt and water lol!  Also take a deep breath when the dirt gets thrown on the floor!  Keep a broom and pan handy!  And HAVE FUN! :)

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