Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cloud Playdough

Our adventures with playdough commence!  Now there are so many recipes out there, from eatable playdough to playdough with coffee, or jello, kool-aid, to just plain old salt play dough.
I decided to start with a very easy recipe I found.  I came to this decision when I realized I didn't have any salt, besides sea salt in the house....and since I didn't want to use our good salt, lol!
I found this easy recipe that didn't include salt!  Since my mom sent it to me, I didn't know where it came from, so google to the rescue and found this website.

Cloud Playdough

1 cup of water
1 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
6 cups of flour
Food coloring (optional)
Cookie cutters (optional)
Smock (optional)
Household bowl/ or roasting pan
Container to put Cloud Playdough in. (I used a ziploc bag)

Pour 6 cups of flour into a roasting pan/bowl.

In your water, add a couple of drops of your desired color.

Combine water into flour bowl.

Combine Oil, into water and flour bowl mixture.
Mix well with your hands.
Knead well.

Add more water if necessary, in small amounts until dough is soft and stretchy.  I found I did need a little bit more!
When mixed well and looks like playdough consistency, It's ready!  Let your child know this playdough is not for eating!  They will be tempted!
Now it's time to have fun!  Pull out the cookie cutters or if you have child size rolling pins or mallets, you can use them too!  Just let your child use their imagination!  We made flowers and butterflies and meatballs and pancakes!  She loved it!

Cloud playdough should be used on a washable surface for it is very greasy.
I put my Cloud Playdough in a ziploc bag!  After storage, your cloud dough will seperate some  (oil from dough) so before you use it next time just remix quickly in bag or container!

I hope you enjoyed me blog today, this was a wonderful experience for me and my daughter!  Please follow us and come back for our next activity!

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