Monday, April 2, 2012

Simple Easter Egg Cards

My daughter goes to preschool and she has to bring in some eggs to hand out to other children.  So I thought what a cute Idea to have her make cards.  Please keep in mind she is two years old so we needed something simple!  

*For PreK to Kinder you can add more stamps and do folded construction paper cards and even have them decorate them with markers!

Supplies you will need:
Kitchen sponge
Paint Tempra or finger paint
1 Paper plate
Smock/or clothes you don't mind them getting paint on
Construction paper
Newspaper or tray to paint on

Set up time if you have all items 5 min.
Project time is less than 30 min.

Take your sponge and using your marker draw an egg shape.

Cut out the egg shape with your scissor.

Put some Paint on your paper plate.

Place your desired paper on tray or newspaper.

Place your sponge in the paint and put on paper.  

You may have to help your child depending on age! I helped steady the paper for my daughter.

After they are done, lay them out to dry!

You can pretty them up with glitter glue pens or markers, and remember to add names and date.
Ill be using a sharpie pen and adding my daughters name.  
These are meant to be simple cards.  

Also when done let your child have fun stampin' away on construction paper, like we did at my home!
My daughter is loving our new crafting time!
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