Monday, April 16, 2012

Feel Happy! Be Happy! Show Happy

I have recently read a couple of blogs going around facebook.  Very real moms talking about how Pinterest makes us feel.  From organizing to not having enough time to be a crafty art mom.  I'm addressing this because I'm a mom who does like Pinterest as well.  I did feel like I should be doing more with my daughter and that is how this blog got started!  I also don't want this blog to be another blog of things you can't do with your child.

All moms are busy everywhere!  We all struggle with jobs, and housework and our children, Yes even the stay at home moms!  I'm a SAHM, and I do some direct selling which helps my family with a little extra income.  I too struggled with trying to balance everything from home to me time.  I RARELY get me time and when I do, I cherish it!

I believe this "Pinterest issue"  isn't just with pinterest!  It has always been with something else, at first it probably started with our family, then neighbors, then movies & TV, then magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, to the Martha Stewart magazine.  See this issue isn't with the outlet, its with us moms trying to be Super moms!  There is this image out there that all moms should be Super Moms!  Yes there are Super Moms out there who do everything PERFECTLY!  To those of you who are Super Moms, Kudos to you!  But its a very small percentage compared to the REAL MOMS who struggle daily trying to balance life!

When you come to my house, I'm sorry its not spic and span, it's clean but I'm gonna have clutter! Yes, there will be toys everywhere because, I do live with a toddler!  But I try very hard,  I feel accomplished if my daughter is feed, clean, I've cooked dinner, washed the dishes and had enough time to work out!  That's an accomplished day for me!  I may only have one child but she sure keeps me busy. When she is in preschool two days a week, I'm not getting a mani/pedi or a massage, I'm busy visiting my father at the nursing home.  On the days I stay home, I'm doing errands or I try and have an at home day.  I have been trying to do at least one activity with my daughter a week!  That way I feel better about being a busy mom!

Now the topic of my blog, sorry if I tend to ramble, lol!  Is to not let society make us feel bad if we can't be Super Moms!  A blog, magazine, TV or even a movie will not make us love our children and families more.  It's not a measurement of our love for them!  We CAN and DO love our family and children without being a super mom!  Just try to Feel Happy, which will make you Be Happy and then we can Show Happy!

Yesterday I made my daughter a happy face for her breakfast.  Two small pancakes for eyes whipped cream for a nose and a banana for a smiley mouth!

Today I made her another smiley face with cheerios as a face, banana for a smiley mouth, and strawberries for eyes and a nose and a strawberry for a tongue!

This was me being my own version of a Real Super Mom!  My extra couple of minutes taken out of my day to make my daughter smile!  This is what its like to be a Real Super Mom!  We can all be Real Super Moms in our own way, do not let social media or any one else make you feel anything less than what you are!!
Feel Happy, Be Happy and Show Happy!

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