Friday, April 6, 2012

Laughing Bunny

I saw this Laughing bunny with foam paper on a craft website where you can buy the crafts for a class.  I thought, how cute!....I can make this at home and adjust it some!

*This a parent and child activity,  I did have to help my daughter some.

Supplies needed:
3 pieces of construction paper 2 white and 1 pink
1 piece of pipe cleaner black or grey
1 bag of cotton balls
Elmer's School Glue
1 paper plate (we used foam)
2 adhesive wiggly eyes

10 minutes to set up.
Approx 20 min project time.

Fold the a piece of the white construction paper in half.  Trace your child's hand on the white construction paper with a marker then cut out the hand print and set aside.

Cut out two bunny ears with white construction paper.
Cut out two pink smaller bunny ears for the inside of the ears.   
Place some glue on the pink ear have your child help you.  

Put the glue side down on the white ear, I had my daughter help pat the ears down so they stay glued. 

Repeat on second ear and let them both dry.

Get your paper plate.

Place glue on your all over the foam plate.  

Place cotton balls next to the plate and have your child place 
them on the plate.  You will have to guide them to the open spots 
they missed and putting on more glue.  
Leave an area on the top rim for the bunny ears open.

When done have them press down on the cotton balls 
to make sure they stick.  
My daughter loved doing this!

Put glue on the bottom back of the bunny ear.

Then place ears on the top of plate.

Then place cotton balls with glue over the bottom of the ears.

Cut the pipe cleaner in half and bend both.  

Place glue on the pipe cleaner. 

Place them on the ends of the plate, cheek area.  
Have your child help you and help by pressing with their hands so it sticks.  

With the left over construction pink paper make a nose.  
Put some glue on the nose and place in between the pipe cleaners, and have your child press down with their hands to make it stick.

Take out two wiggly eyes and have your child place them on.

Take the hand prints you cut out and glue them on the bottom, and have your child place them where the mouth would.  Like the bunny is covering his mouth laughing!

Let dry and your done! 

This is a fun project so just relax if they rip something or
place something in the wrong place.  
My daughter loved the hand print so much she ripped it!
We had to make a new one. 
Every art project is a learning process! Just sit back and Have fun!

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